Detailing your boat takes time and the right use of several different products. Whether it's rust stains, rub marks, or water stains we remove before the final treatment to your boat.

Cleaning and polishing the stainless steel is included with every detail.

Cleaning your boat seats is also included in every detail.


Wash hull and topside, clean gutter tracks, clean and dry windows, remove mildew from seats and cushions, and clean compartments and hatches.

Special prices for weekly, biweekly and monthly plans.

Interior cleaning

  • Interior - vacuum, wipe all surfaces, clean windows, seats and carpeting
  • Clean the bathroom.
  • Clean and protect all vinyl, leather and plastic (seats and cushions)
  • Pricing is based on size and level of cleaning needed

Engine room

  Have you heard the expression
“That engine room is so clean that you could eat off the deck”?

Well there’s a good reason keeping your equipment, engines and engine room space like that. Taking a stand and giving your engine room a makeover is more important than you might think.